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 scottish motto ring

Nemo Me Impune Lacessit - No one harms me with impunity. This defiant Latin phrase is the national motto of Scotland, boldly emblazoned above the gates of Edinburgh castle. Also featured on this ring is the Saltire, or St. Andrews cross, the flag of Scotland. Both are symbols from Scotland's much embattled past.

Legend has it that at the battle of Largs in 1263 Norse invaders intent on surprising the Scots during a night attack removed their footwear to insure a silent approach. They were unaware that the ground was covered with thistles. It is said their leader stepped on one of the spiky plants and cried out in pain. His shout woke the Scots who then turned back the invasion. In the wake of this battle the Scot's adopted the motto Nemo Me Impune Lacessit and the thistle as national symbols of their indomitable spirit.

The Saltire flag goes back even further in Scotland's history. Its origins are traditionally believed to be a battle fought in East Lothian in 832. A large force of Angles and Saxons pursued an army of Picts and Scots led by Angus mac Fergus and Eochaidh. They were caught and stood to face the superior numbers of their pursuers. Before the encounter King Angus led prayers for deliverance. He then saw the clouds forming a white saltire (the diagonal cross on which St. Andrew had been martyred) against the bright blue sky. The king vowed that if the saint helped them to victory Andrew would thereafter be the patron saint of Scotland. The Scots did win, and the white St. Andrew's cross on a blue field became the flag of Scotland.

Whether you wear this ring to show your pride in your Scottish heritage or simply as a warning to the world that you are not be trifled with, you'll make a bold statement wherever you go

more about the motto & saltire

  sterling silver

 $55.00 sizes 5 through 8
 $60.00 sizes 8.25 through 12
 $65.00 sizes 12.25 through 16

Rings are available in full, quarter, half, and three quarter sizes. Sizes are U.S. and Canada standard email us for metric and international conversions.

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