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 prosperity ring

Medieval rings bearing this Latin phrase were popular astrological talismans for good fortune. The whole inscription reads Post Simsum Sequitur Septuna Luna Subest loosely translated "After possibility follows certainty, the seventh moon is at hand".

The trick of this charm is hidden in the nonsense word Simsum. Recognized as meaning the possibilities becoming certainties, it is made up of two small syllables both of which are forms of the Latin verb “I am”. Simsum is created from the initial letters of the sun and each of the wandering stars or planets; Saturni, Jovis, Martius, Solis, Veneris, Mercurii. The word binds these celestial orbs to the task of helping the wearer achieve their goals. The whole phrase also directly invokes the Moon. The seventh new moon of our calendar falls in Cancer, the Moon’s celestial home, in which she is strongest, a very auspicious time for undertaking new business, or political enterprises. Between the Sun, Moon, and the Planets this ring wraps the whole sky around the wearer’s finger.


  sterling silver

 $55.00 sizes 5 through 8
 $60.00 sizes 8.25 through 12
 $65.00 sizes 12.25 through 15

Rings are available in full, quarter, half, and three quarter sizes. Sizes are U.S. and Canada standard email us for metric and international conversions.

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