Looking for a way to make your Enchanted Glyph purchase extra special? Whether you are shopping for yourself or for that perfect gift, we know attention to detail is important, so we offer these "finishing touches".

Please excuse our temporary images. This page is still somewhat under construction. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our very own digital camera and will post pictures as soon as we are able. In the mean time if you have any questions about the services offered here don't hesitate to ask.

If you would like to add any of these extras to your order simply add their cost to your total and make a notation of your selections either in your email to us, or if paying by PayPal, in the message window provided.

 Enchanted Glyph Extras


gift wrap

Cross one more thing off your 'to do' list.

Let us gift wrap your purchase so it is ready for presentation. We've raised the plain brown wrapper to new heights - simple, stylish, subtle. Each is finished with a matching origami crane folded by Janet Thatcher.

Gift wrap $4.75 each
3 or more items $4.00 each

image coming soon

ornamental knots

What better way to dress up a Rune or a Celtic knotwork pendant than to suspend it from a decoratively knotted cord? Tthis sweet little triangular knot is hand tied by Janet Thatcher.

Trefoil knot $3.50

image coming soon

functional knots

We sell all of our pendants ready to wear. Pewter rune pendants are on a fixed length cord. Sterling silver and bronze pendants are on cords tied with sliding knots that allow them to be adjustable. People often ask us how to tie these knots. So we did what we do, and a page was born. Visit our Instruction page if you'd like to try your hand at tying this clever knot yourself.

If you would like us to finish a pewter rune pendant on an adjustable length cord add $1.75

image coming soon

polishing cloth

These "Sunshine" polishing cloths are the only thing we sell that we don't make! They are the best thing we've found for keeping silver and bronze shiny like new. We swear by them.

available in three sizes:
small (2.5" X 4")....$1.75
medium (5" X 4")...$3.50
large (5" X 8")....$7.00

image coming soon

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