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All twenty-four runes of the Elder Futhark and a blank are offered in this smaller size. Each sterling silver charm bears one rune, and is finished with a semi-precious stone. Sold individually, these little runes come on an adjustable length black cord for wearing as a pendant, or if you prefer on a stainless steel ear-wire. Be sure to mention if you are selecting multiple charms for a single necklace, and feel free to specify the order in which they should ‘read’. Charms come with a brief description of the Rune meanings. Finishing stones may vary from those pictured.

Rune Meanings


  sterling silver

 $30.00 (size approx 1" x 1/4")
1 FOEH, Cattle2 UR, Wild Ox3 THORN, Frost Giant4 OS, God5 RAD, Wagon6 KEN, torch7 GYFU, Gift8 WYNN, Joy9 HOEL, Hail10 NYD, Need11 ISA, Ice12 GER, Harvest13 EOH, Yew14 POERDH, Gaming Piece15 EOLH, Elk16 SIGHEL, Sun17 TYR, Justice18 BOERC, Birch19 EHWIS, Horse20 MANU, Man21 LAGU, Water22 ING, God Ing23 ODEL, Ancestral Land24 DOERG, New Day25 BLANK, Odin's Rune
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