According to Gaelic legend secret writing, or Ogham (o'm), was handed down from Ogma Mac Eledan, the Gaelic god of eloquence. He was one of the Tuatha De Denann, who were later known as the Fairy Gods of Tir na nog. The Roman poet, Lucian, compared this god to Hercules.

The early Celtic culture was one with a strong oral tradition. Its stories and wisdom were committed to memory and handed down verbally. During that time the written word saw limited usage. Ogham was used by the Celts to convey only special or sacred things.

Secret writings were used to permit the writer to speak directly to the gods, offering praise and enjoining them for intervention or advice. Often, specific characters in these secret writings came to be seen as mystical or powerful, reflecting their use as pathways to communication with the gods.

Ogham writing evolved in the early centuries of the Christian era (300 A.D.--600 A.D.). It was based on a twenty-letter alphabet. Each letter was represented by a group of notches (from one to five) along a vertical axis. This axis could be a drawn line, a corner of stone, or a staff if one wanted to flash a message using their fingers as the notches.

Surviving examples of Ogham can be found across Europe and even in North America, but they are most common in Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the Isle of Man.

Our original pendant designs feature Ogham writing down their center. They are made of sterling silver with a brass wire wrap and come ready to wear on an adjustable length black cord. Each includes a brief description of the pieces.

 Neart   Strength
Brings force, pith, power of purpose, energy, and vigor.
 $75.00 (size approx 2" x 7/16")  
 Gliocas   Wisdom
Helpful to those who wish to attain wisdom and prudence.
 $75.00 (size approx 2" x 7/16")  
 Cail   Health
For improving constitution, energy, and strength.
 $75.00 (size approx 2" x 7/16")  
 Sonas   Luck
Attracts success, fortune, happiness, and felicity.
 $75.00 (size approx 2" x 7/16")  
 Dion   Protection
Helps protect, defend, guard, and shield.
 $75.00 (size approx 2" x 7/16")  
 Sith   Harmony
Offers spirituality, peace, quietness, and tranquility.
 $75.00 (size approx 2" x 7/16")  

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