Runes are chiefly known for their use as an oracular tool. We offer casting sets in a variety of fine metals and in two different sizes in response to the different casting styles of our customers. All sets come with their own leather drawstring pouch. These pouches open flat for use as a reading surface if desired.

The smaller size will fit comfortably in the palm of your hand making them easy to cast out. The whole set is small enough to be easily portable, comfortable in a pocket or worn around the neck.

The larger sets, while a little more cumbersome in the hand, are ideal for use in a spread or single draw readings, as a focal point for daily meditations, or as individually carried talismans.

Both sizes are offered in your choice of sterling silver, bronze, or pewter. Silver is a metal long associated with the moon and Lunar energies. Bronze is described as having more Solar affinities. Pewter is credited with grounding abilities related to Earth energies.

Our casting sets do come with a brief description of the rune meanings. This really isn't a manual on rune casting. If you are just starting out and are interested in learning methods of rune reading we would like to take this opportunity to recommend 'Raido The Runic Journey' by Jennifer Smith. You can check out her site by visiting out Links page.

We do not keep large casting sets in silver and bronze in stock. We cast them individually to order. Depending on the time of year and how busy we are this may take anywhere from two to six weeks. Feel free to email us for an estimated delivery times.

  sterling silver

 $1,224.00 (rune size approx 1"x 5/8")  
 $312.00 (rune size approx 7/16"x 1/4")  


 $744.00 (rune size approx 1"x 5/8")  
 $216.00 (rune size approx 7/16"x 1/4")  


 $155.00 (rune size approx 1"x 5/8")  
 $95.00 (rune size approx 7/16"x 1/4")  

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